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Kendall Grey By KendallGrey Completed

Some people think touring with a bunch of hardcore rockers would be a dream come true.

It isn't.

Most days, life on the bus is more like a nightmare made flesh. Stressful, tense, and claustrophobic as crap.

Keeping the band members from suffocating each other with pillows has been a full-time job since we first hit the road. One day I'm playing referee between longtime friends fighting over the drummer girl. The next I'm Mean Mommy Jillian hiding liquor bottles from the guitarist who splits his time between impromptu stomach pumps at the local emergency room and unscheduled overnight accommodations in the local police station's drunk tank.

And don't even get me started on the one whose name starts with "Letty Dillinger." A hypersexual, walking special effect, she can be the best or the worst of them all, depending which side of the bed the wet spot is on and whether she woke up on it.

I'm tired. I miss my best friend, the ex-husband who left me for a man. (It's okay. Turns out I'm a lesbian and didn't know it. Go figure.) I long for the touch of a woman who can take me away from the chaos whipping my life like an egg beater, if only for a little while. If the horny beast trapped inside this cage doesn't get out soon, my job, my band, my reputation might not survive.

I don't need love. I just need an orgasm. A really long, hard, knuckle-whitening, teeth-clenching, window-rattling, thigh-splitting climax.

Unfortunately, my employers--Letty especially--aren't going to like where I have to go to get it.

BANG is the fifth full-length book in the Hard Rock Harlots series by Kendall Grey. If you're just joining the party, the reading order is: STRINGS, BEATS, NOCTURNES, ROCK (all of which may be found on your favorite retail sites), and BANG. There's also a short Jinx and Toombs story here on Wattpad called "Home."

This story has NOT been professionally edited and is not for sale.

DawnBirch DawnBirch Jan 03
Oh Jillian. I feel like this is a bit of foreshadowing here. With Miles reply about an island being a volcano. Gimme more!
Kendall, you just don't know how good you are.  I am already sucked in. I'm so happy you posted this!