A Danger in the Deep (A Steampunk Adventure Novel)

A Danger in the Deep (A Steampunk Adventure Novel)

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Lyndsey Lewellen By LyndseyLewellen Updated Sep 04

*Book 2 in The Chronicles of Light series, A Danger in the Deep follows the events in A City in the Air.* With the battle between light and dark magic raging around her, airship pilot Harlow Morgan is forced into hiding with the rest of the children of light. She is told she can never go home again. She's told to wait for a plan to rescue her father and fight off the Magics who threaten her life. But Harlow has never been one to do what she's told. Now, with Takashi far away in training, she decides to take matters into her own hands. But when her meddling backfires, the uncontrollable power of light within her arms thrusts her into a break-neck journey across her steam-powered world. Unable to restrain the light, Harlow knows she must find the Inventor's Heir if she has any hope of returning home and saving her father. But as her sporadic journeys push her and Takashi  deeper into an underwater world, will they find a way to make them stop, or will the light deliver them into the clutches of those they fear most?

Go here for book 1: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/oJ1I2K7dCz

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Booklover170104 Booklover170104 Apr 16, 2017
Sometimes I forget Harlow and Brier aren twins and thought Brier is an older sister
Essence_divine Essence_divine Aug 18, 2017
Has it been a year since the last book? Confused about "last fall"
pleiades9 pleiades9 Nov 21, 2017
I'm joining you once again, Harlow! 
                              Oh, how much I missed this 😭
AnnabethTardis AnnabethTardis Jul 09, 2017
One hour? I can get myself killed using only my mouth in 12 seconds flat.
-sydneyrose- -sydneyrose- Apr 17, 2017
WOO! I started the first book early today (maybe late yesterday, I have a crap memory) and finished it all quickly! I'm so excited to read this
                              THANK YOU SO MUCH LYNDSEY !