Need You Now:A Johnnyboy story

Need You Now:A Johnnyboy story

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s e v e n t i e s By greaserbabes Completed

C O M P L E T E D AU where Johnny recovers and can walk. There are nowhere near enough Johnnyboy fics out there! They're the cutest ship tho!
Slight Stevepop


Cover by: @staygoldcorey

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GydiSyphen GydiSyphen Oct 19, 2017
*gets a pair of scissors* Cut the crap Pony! *snips at the air*
johnnyboy-cade johnnyboy-cade Dec 11, 2017
Oof I read this story a while ago but never voted so I'mma do that now whoops
717Totoro 717Totoro Dec 19, 2017
Oh that’ll be easy, he’s basically paper from what I’ve read
GydiSyphen GydiSyphen Oct 19, 2017
I saw this, and for some reason, got suspicious. So I very slowly clicked it... and when I did see it, I laughed and said "Lol, relatable" I'm weird, I wouldn't question it.
thatgirl22112 thatgirl22112 Sep 05, 2017
Ponyboy do I need to spell it out. You are f*cking gay. G-A-Y GO GAY!
Maddy5689 Maddy5689 Dec 15, 2017
Wait but why wouldn’t the hospital give him real crutches? 😂