That's So Wizard

That's So Wizard

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Erik McKinnon By ErikMcKinnon Updated Nov 28, 2019

In the modern world, a wizard can use a smart phone. He can also play video games, or eat sandwiches, just like anybody else. A wizard, however, can also fight demons and do things that other people merely dream about. Eldrian is a clever and imaginative young man trying to be the best wizard he can be, all while trying to hide from those who seek to catch or kill those like him.

Follow the wizard Eldrian and his friend Kevin as they mass a band of colourful characters-some wizards and some not. They combine their talents to take down demons, fight off the government's spellbreakers and wizards of their own, and develop reality-bending spells. They'll even travel to fantastical, far-off locations. Hell isn't so bad once you get used to it.

This serial is generally light-hearted with comedic elements, but there's also emotional moments as the stakes become higher. Not everything for a wizard is sparkles and unicorns.

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