No, stop it brain! || Lilly♡Dominic ||

No, stop it brain! || Lilly♡Dominic ||

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She backs away and starts laughing.
"Another take?" she jokes.
   I wish I could. She has no idea how bad.
"Ok so do we need anything else to shoot?" She turned to the team. God she's so beautiful... No, stop it brain!
"No, I don't think so." She turned her deep brown eyes back to me. I could get lost in them forever..
"Ok then. What do we do now?" 
"We need to colect our stuff and pack 'em up".
"I guess I'll help." She comes next to me to help me collect all the wires and stuff. Her hand touched mine and we both look up into each others eyes. I quickly turn my eyes away and continue.
    They all left. I staid behind for a little while.
"Thanks again for actually agreeing to do this thing"
"Ehh no prob. Why'd you stay tho?" She walked closer to me. I feel those butterflies again.
"Because I.. umm... I.." she cuts me off by...

                   *    *   *   *   *

I this is the Lilly♡Dominic (Superwoman♡D-Trix) Fanfiction. Completed☆

I'm 14 years old at the moment and I'm from Lithuania💛💚❤

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BlossomFoxClan BlossomFoxClan Apr 10, 2017
really good. Couple mistakes (for example: of was supposed to be off). Other than that good
xJayylynn xJayylynn Jan 02, 2017
Lol thank you for shoutout and can you recommend me a good zabbie book cause i love them too, and i think you should do a date scene after the videos,that will be really cute if they kiss again. GREAT JOB ON THIS BOOK LOVE IT!!
xJayylynn xJayylynn Jan 01, 2017
Love it plzzz update soon 
                              Best one i seen yet about lilly and dom
ggma07 ggma07 Jan 01, 2017
Comment if you can access the second chapter and what is going on in it🙁 for me it shows that I'm publishing a full story, but when I go tk read it not like a writer, it only shows a half like until "I wasn't sure" or something😭
nirvana123456 nirvana123456 Jan 14, 2017
This was amazingggggg!! I love domilly, this is definatley going into my list!
ggma07 ggma07 Jan 01, 2017
I'm sorry😣 I wrote the second chapter but for some reason when it publishes, something happens and half of the chapter dissapears🤔 I'll try to work on so forgive me when you'll see notifications but no chapter😖