From Stranger To Everything

From Stranger To Everything

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*** Getting To Know The Story Main Content. ***

Ellie, the quite, shy and sweet nature girl has always been living in her own little bubbles peacefully. 

Flynn, the best friend's cousin, flirty and naughty. Accompany with blush-trigger smirk, sensual kissable lips and deadly handsome feature.

She came into the picture and busted Ellie peaceful bubbles with just one alluring smirk, invading Ellie personal space and created the strange butterfly feeling she has never known exist.

The new found emotions or you could call sexual electricity toward a girl that always heated her cheeks up cause her to mix up with Flynn unintentionally. She didn't know whether Flynn likes her as a friend or something else while they keep messing around with each other.

Until she reached a point where her head being tested and her heart being played, Ellie started to face her problem with Flynn and that's where she gain something else or lose the most important part of her heart.


This story was aimed for a lovey dovey relationship between two girls. A nutella sweet scene was almost in every chapter. If that’s not your thing or you expect a lot of up and down plot throughout the story, please feel free to stop or maybe give this a try.

Last but not least, this contains many erotic pulse throbbing love making scene or [Rate-R] content. 

You are warned.

[Under Slow Reconstruction]

emily1jere emily1jere Feb 19
I'm reading this book for the " 9th time now and still counting" it is such a turn on.
TheRealRedPhantom TheRealRedPhantom Jun 11, 2016
Your character's name.. Little Mickey and errr.. Heah.. Lols! Nice start btw ^_~
gemini2272 gemini2272 Aug 20, 2015
I can`t be sure if you are who you said you are.. this is just great..
PrettyWreckless22 PrettyWreckless22 Jun 20, 2015
If this is your first attempt then it is a great one. Your doing so well, :)
rahkey4lyf rahkey4lyf Dec 05, 2014
ellie's on the rock... whew!!!! nice start... m gonna enjoy reading this!!
KataChu KataChu Aug 24, 2014
Don't you mean your....
                              Man I've been reading too many werewolf books :3