The Proud Tyrant, a Dark Ages Novel

The Proud Tyrant, a Dark Ages Novel

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James Calbraith By JamesCalbraith Updated Mar 26

The first draft of my brand new novel! Updated daily. 

It is the fifteenth year of Imperator Valentinian, the third of his name, according to those who still count such things. It is a time of woe.
Rome can no longer protect her frontiers. The usurpers rise and fall in the border provinces, wasting their soldiers' lives in bloody internal strifes. 
The walls stand empty, the gates fall in ruin. The barbarians, vagrants and pirates threaten the remote territories of the Empire, and none more so than the island of Britain. Abandoned by the legions and the governors, the Britons groan, but their pleas fall on deaf ears in Rome, if they even reach it. 
With the old administration gone, the island is split between two lords - Aurelius, a young scion of the expelled Roman aristocrats, in the West, and Vortigern, a common soldier risen to the highest rank in the East. After centuries of peace, the people of Britain are poor warriors, and so they must look elsewhere for defence...

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