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The Lost Wolf

The Lost Wolf

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Tessa By Secretquietlygirl Completed

Skyler (Skye for short) Dennings is a shifter with a secret that she didn't even think she had inside of her. She had to move to a new town that had a forest and lot of ground to cover if she is to escape from her killer that murder her parents in cold-blood. She is now living in a small one-bedroom apartment. When she meets a mysterious guy that she knows is her mate. She avoids him at all cost and refuse to even try to talk to him. She knows that he is her mate, but she is afraid that if he gets close to her that all hell will break loose and she will lose everyone she loves. 

Noah Mitchell is the Alpha of his pack and is one of those leaders where he never shows much emotion except when his wolf comes out. One day, he met a girl that was his mate, but she pushes him away. He keeps at her until she can't refuse him. Also, his pack is having trouble with a bunch of rogues that keeps terrorizing his pack because of his mother's deepest dark secret. Pretty soon there is going to be a war between the two and Skye is part of the whole big picture. 

As Skyler and Noah begins to get to know each, things are becoming undone as the secrets from the past begins to show. Skyler must now face who she really is and Noah has to get rid of the rogue that he knows a little too well.

(Okay, so why this is Mature is because there is strong language in here and it does say that. I just want to let everyone know and there might be a little sexual things at the end, but that is all. Nothing more than that)

ChocoFresa ChocoFresa Mar 18, 2016
I felt someone watching me eating too *flips my hair* GURL! We are just that fabulous!
i really liked the opening lines of this chapter and the rest didnt disappoint me it was well written i hope the rest is just as interesting  im sure it will be  keep writing hun seems youve got talent <3
HappyGoLucky225 HappyGoLucky225 Feb 19, 2014
Wow this is awesome! Love the whole shapeshifter scenario,  it was cool! I feel bad for her parents though!!! :( But anyways keep it up, it's awesome! ^-^