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[COMPLETE] I May Look Like A Boy, But I'm A Girl! || Naruto Fanfic [NWA Winner]

[COMPLETE] I May Look Like A Boy, But I'm A Girl! || Naruto Fanfic [NWA Winner]

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Ezekiel T. A. By xXAkatsukixLoverXx Completed


Kanji and her twin brother, Sanji, move to Konoha to start a better life after the death of their parents. Knowing the fact they would have to live life without their family ruined with Kanji's emotional health, making her depressed, though her brother fixes that in his own special way. After entering the Leaf Village, Sanji and Kanji introduce themselves to the wonders of the Academy, but... Kanji was mistaken as a boy! With Kanji being placed on Team seven, both siblings do the missions with their new teammates. Will they ever find out her true gender? Will Kanji ever get over the stress consuming her?

Sequel: I May Look Innocent, But Am I?

* Naruto Watty Awards Winner *

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