The Catalyst

The Catalyst

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When the leader of his black magic cult sends him on a quest, Noah doesn't ask questions. He owes the man his life, and his magical powers. 

A detour on the way has unexpected results, and Noah finds himself teaming up with an illegitimate prince and the leader of the castle guards. Together they set out to complete his quest; finding a powerful magical catalyst. But they're all in it for their own reasons, each one keeping dangerous secrets from the others. 

Much despite himself, Noah gets mixed up in power struggles. One for the throne, and the other at the very heart of the forces that black mages like him control. Until he has no choice but to ask himself a frightening question. 

Do they really control anything?

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I really like how the story is not plainly told, but you can practically hear the character talking to you. It’s amazing, you don’t need to tell us much but we already feel like we know his personality. Plus, it’s very refreshing!
MG1440 MG1440 Feb 19
Nice two-for-one. Both shows Noah as introspective and conscientious as well as conjures up the emotion of regret  in the reader. Like Avis said below, to not be a chapter in and already be feeling things is pretty darn cool.
ErichW ErichW Dec 20, 2017
Great description. This is very true when you walk through a busy market.
There is great world building here. In addition, the characters and the dialogue feel real. I have nothing major for you to change, except for that one sentence that I pointed out because that especially stood out to me. Overall, excellent!
Kepleky Kepleky Dec 21, 2017
So Noah was illegitimate? Did his mother take him or did his father abandon the two for his practice? Ugh! Can't wait to find out. Such a great beginning!
MyCaTalks MyCaTalks Feb 01
That smooth transition with the discription tho.. I see you lol