The Catalyst

The Catalyst

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C.G. Laflamme By VenomousKitsune Updated 2 days ago

When the leader of his black magic cult sends him on a quest, Noah doesn't ask questions. He owes the man his life, and his magical powers. 

A detour on the way has unexpected results, and Noah finds himself teaming up with an illegitimate prince and the leader of the castle guards. Together they set out to complete his quest; finding a powerful magical catalyst. But they're all in it for their own reasons, each one keeping dangerous secrets from the others. 

Much despite himself, Noah gets mixed up in power struggles. One for the throne, and the other at the very heart of the forces that black mages like him control. Until he has no choice but to ask himself a frightening question. 

Do they really control anything?

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RainerSalt RainerSalt Oct 02
You might want to put the last two sentences here into past perfect—it might make it clearer that they refer to things in his past. (Just nitpicking—your writing is excellent)
heater0387 heater0387 Oct 06
I love all of the small details you include. They're so seamless without slowing down the story.
Raven_Burns Raven_Burns Sep 25
I can picture the conversation perfectly, the dialogue fits the scene. Great stuff.
Feverell Feverell Oct 10
This is really phenomenal, well thought out and beautifully executed! Such a great start to a story! Can't wait to see where it goes! Love the imagery as well, you've done a really great job of introducing Noah as a rounded, dimensional character
Azeemah13 Azeemah13 Sep 29
                              The descriptions did justice to the flow of the story. Though some bits were confusing with the names, I still managed to get the hang of it. An interesting character you've introduced here. Can't wait to see what happens next.
gavin_w gavin_w Sep 23
It’s stylistic, but I feel this would be better as ‘the voice’.