My Reverse Fairytale

My Reverse Fairytale

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They call me Meah:* By OnceUponATime73 Completed

Doesn't a fairytale always have a happy ending?

Not when peasant Janice Fields encounters Prince Carter Jackson. Except their little encounter isn't exactly by choice, and neither is their marriage.

What their new choice is, is simple: Bow to the King or dethrone him.

Either way;
Not everyone is getting their happily ever after.

I have just recently edited the story! If you were in the middle of it, things may be a bit confusing. If not, I hope you enjoy the new and improved version of my works.

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Adatracy Adatracy Jan 16, 2017
Wow!!! Talk about a Total turn around
                              I'm still trying to understand why the king will want to wed his son to a peasant( No of fence Janice)
UrviSharma UrviSharma Apr 30, 2016
It's a good start. Holds your attention and creates mystery that you would want to read more! Good luck
Lovable_natZz Lovable_natZz Jul 05, 2016
good the way you word your story...can't wait to finish read it
HisPrincess1802 HisPrincess1802 Feb 03, 2016
It is a good book....from what i can tell hy my reafing how original it is. I always had a knack for fairytales and the old days. I still love to read fairytales tho i am 12 yrs old. Keep it up !! :)
Behind-the-books Behind-the-books Sep 18, 2015
Do I hate the king? Do I like the king? Frankly your guess is as good as mine at this point. >.<
                              Aha I'm really enjoying this, the fairytale like plot is just the thing to indulge myself in. ^-^
OnceUponATime73 OnceUponATime73 May 16, 2014
@Adavid20 sorry! I know the era is completely off. I wrote this awhile ago and it wasnt researched at all