Your Rose Petal Lips ♡ |Frerard Oneshots|

Your Rose Petal Lips ♡ |Frerard Oneshots|

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✧ By vampirexchild Updated Jul 26

Just an abundance of Frerard oneshots, all ranging from smut to fluff to nonsense and maybe even a few based off of books and movies. 


Might contain trigger warning and definite smut warnings~

Eh it depends for me tbh...most of the time its bad so i dont like it..
Okay but am I the only one imagining Lindsey sitting outside the bathroom door with her hand over her heart listening to everything
MadyMouse MadyMouse Jul 26
I thought of that episode of Sesame Street where Daveed Diggs is rapping about rubber duckies.
Genderbends make me slightly uncomfortable but Trans I'm okay with
SaMe besides trans stuff as long as they use male pronouns idk it's just kinda I'm used to referring to them as male
Would you be a doll and write one where Frank is a photographer and he asks Gerard to do a photoshoot with him?