What do you get when you have the mother of 5 hunky men all in a different sport decided, it's time she had grandchildren.????
    You get my new   MEN OF SPORTS SERIES
That picture though!!!! Gaaaaahhh gorgeous<3 Makes me excited to read!
Great premise Elena!!! Love it. This is my favorite book (and cover) of all your wonderful ones
I know I read this, voted, and commented, but wanted to pop over again to show my support! Best of luck to you.
I'm glad I'm not judging this. =) Good luck, lady! xo
                                    You may want it to read "Twenty years later..."  =)
E, you need to put this on the first page or a link on your profile. Make it easier to find. :)
I Love the sing in the side, its one of the songs that listened to on the way to my first football practice and its the song that I always played last before going out if the tunnel. 
                                    I love this book <3