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Rejected, Unique, and  Pregnant

Rejected, Unique, and Pregnant

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dogxpalx By dogxpalx Updated Oct 30, 2013

A girl has lived a hard life with a pack that is against her and her parents hate her and so does her brother and mate however they do not know her secret of her wolf since she didn't shift with them but with another pack. She's unique she has got powers and shes beautiful. she used to be weak but now she's strong. She's a warrior!

Posiden_14 Posiden_14 Aug 25, 2016
*cracks knuckles* show me this brother of yours so I can make sure that he won't heal for at least a week or so
thequeenofslay019 thequeenofslay019 Mar 29, 2015
lemme reach threw this phone and slap the shīt out cho brother