Marvel Preferences (Re-editing folks)

Marvel Preferences (Re-editing folks)

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Rae By ColourfulChaos14 Updated Oct 16, 2015

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LokiiiiiSenpaiiiii LokiiiiiSenpaiiiii Jul 10, 2017
I don't really care about what kind of hugs people give, as long as its a hug I don't give a care.
Ocean_Girl1215 Ocean_Girl1215 Feb 11, 2016
Add petrieo (is that how u spell it?) {or quicksilver(his superhero name)}
RuckyStarnes RuckyStarnes Mar 17, 2016
Aw, poor baby.i will always take his hugs. Hell, I will initiate
mrsmystogan mrsmystogan Feb 27, 2016
I could imagine Thor is a hugger coz he is tall, handsome as hell. not to mention he is so nice! a boyfriend material indeed.
RandomPerson1222 RandomPerson1222 Sep 14, 2015
Hey! I'm male :P Seems really cool. Also, Loki's last name is Laufeyson just so you can have it up there *Thumbs Up* <3
MARVELousBuckyBear MARVELousBuckyBear Jul 13, 2015 always regret it in the morning especially when you write till 3:30 and get up at 6 for work...