‘It was another one of the interview he had to do; but was it just another one, where he had to answer about his life or was the interview going to be the answer for his life?’
    Jade was hurt by a man she loved; when she had to interview the same man for her job, would she take it as an opportunity to say good-bye?
    Jerrod had never regretted a decision in his life, except one- leaving Jade Thompson; when he met her again, would he use it to win her back?
Hi! :) just wanted to point out opportunity :) really good book.
I have been gone a while, but I see you sure have been busy, writing, and from what I have read, you have improved 100% congratulations too ou my friend!!!. Can't wait to see one or two of your books in a book store!
Oh wait. I just found out there are other parts. Gonna keep reading now.
Continue the story! I read the synopsis of the story and I think it's juicy because that's a very tough position jade is in. I want to know what happened.
I saw some grammar errors. So you should proof read over and over. Story line is good. Maybe use better settings to get the feel if where the characters are. In a building, at lunch, in a house?  Other than that I like it.
Greaaaaaat pleaaaaaase continueee and if you wanna take a look to my short story i would appreciate it...Thanks http://www.wattpad.com/3722749-the-burning-bracelet/intro