Tattoo My Heart

Tattoo My Heart

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J. Foster By JynxBabe Updated Aug 24, 2016

**Warning:  Strong Sexual Content**

Sunshine Porter is your everyday woman:  spiked heels, corseted tops... Oh and she's a tattoo artist with an attitude, of course. She has her problems to deal with, like no boyfriend and no roommate. The most pressing not being her lack of a roommate.

Jack Ford, your typical man:  button up shirts, pocket protectors, calculator watches... Oh, and don't forget the thick framed glasses. Did I mention he's a virgin comic book artist in need of both a girlfriend and a place to live?

Throw together the strong sassy Sun and the sometimes shy Jack and you're bound to get a whole lot of heat because what do they say? Opposites attract...

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YasOhMy YasOhMy Aug 09, 2017
Actually, her description MATCHES an average twenty five year old woman in this day and age.
_Crimson_Tide_ _Crimson_Tide_ Feb 07, 2016
Do most girls have a nerd fetish cause I don't and now I feel left out😖
MrPinecone MrPinecone Feb 02, 2015
okay... So all i have to do is show up and tell you I have a job and I can move in with you? Coolio. I'll be there in 10.
C0ok1eM0n5ter C0ok1eM0n5ter Oct 11, 2014
lmao when she showed him the room... i thought they were sharing one at first!!
Ava2012 Ava2012 Apr 14, 2014
Yeah, me too! I just love to scandalize the smooze out of a hot nerd seeing as how I can be a bad, naughty chick sometimes! ;-) The poor guys! LOL
OK cool understand this is for the story line but man can I see back ground check I.d and maybe a Check stub so I know you're not waiting on your parents to pay your half every month ijs