If We Ever Meet Again

If We Ever Meet Again

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tensunhere By tensunhere Updated Jan 28, 2017

"Such beautiful, ripe melons,"he exclaimed, "I must have a taste."

"You wish", I said annoyingly and walked towards the door.

He grabbed her hands .Ahhhh! I hawled out of his firm grip.
I almost fell back trying to release out of it, but he caught me around the waist with one arm, closing the door behind him with other.

Maya was a beautiful twenty six year old indian girl. She was a Chennaiite  and was working as a Chartered Accountant and doing her PG as well. Her life was like a bed of roses until she meet Arjun who shattered her into pieces. 

Arjun, the man who had everything in life.  Devilishly handsome, brilliant,extremely rich and had a body that women loved to worship. But, despite all that positive  attributes, he was also very ruthless,  cold and heartless CEO.
What happens the moment Arjun lays eyes on Maya??  
The possessive, dark monster within him lusts on her. The beast will stop at nothing until he captures his dectable beauty...

What was the reason behind Arjun's cold behaviour? ? Leading their lives separately for years, Will they try and end up together? What happens when Maya breaks the secret which broke her over years ??

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