Arranged Marriage with my enemy/lover.

Arranged Marriage with my enemy/lover.

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Irish Jasmine C. Morales By White_Flower28 Completed

Please read it.

    Ayana is a  simple girl who's family has a tradition that when they turns 16 they need to get married. Her brother is happy being married so she think she's going to be happy. But when she knew the guy she got mad, because the player of the school is the lucky guy.

What will happen to both of them? Are they going to fall in love to each other?
Read it to know it.

wonderwoman1202 wonderwoman1202 3 days ago
Nobody gets in my way, so move! Would flow better or something like that
VogayasiGloria VogayasiGloria Apr 13, 2016
God! That's 3 characters whose name starts with A... Hw m I supposed to remember who is who???😭😭😭
VioletLuna1697 VioletLuna1697 Aug 05, 2016
I have a feeling that the majority of the males in this story are going to have names that start with 'J' and the majority of the girl will have names starting in the letter 'A'.             Just saying...
mbalizethu mbalizethu Apr 19, 2016
There are grammar mistakes and it tends to make the story confusing. But it's a good story so far👍✌
tatasoso tatasoso Aug 04, 2016
What the actual h*** is this? Sorry this tradition is kinda ridiculous and the orthography is like a stupid mosquito flying around my head and trying to suck my blood, wanting me to just slap it and crush it with my shoe....
peaches4747 peaches4747 Jan 05
She said her brother got married at 17, not that he had a 4 year old daughter at 17.