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Teacher Kakashi x Student Reader

Teacher Kakashi x Student Reader

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Kaede Williams By KaedeWilliams Updated Jan 03, 2014

_Y/n_ just got evicted and now lives with her long time crush, Kakashi. One problem though,  she's his student. How will this all play out? Well, read to find out. You know you want to...:p

ttynlosers ttynlosers Aug 22, 2016
Didn't he leave? Although, he is Kakashi... I guess he coils probes do that...
nakitar nakitar Aug 29, 2016
SCORE and the crowds go wild ya woo thank u very much and have a good night
INanaWins INanaWins Oct 11, 2016
Wait... He sleeps with all his guests.
                              Lucy: KAKASHI YOU PERVERT 
Carl_loves_pudding Carl_loves_pudding Apr 24, 2016
I JUST UHHHH........UHHHHHHH...ummmm.....
                              YOU KNOW WHAT JUST SHHG
INanaWins INanaWins Oct 11, 2016
This doesn't affect me 😅
                              I was born with naturally red cheeks so wherever I go people give me weird looks because I look like I'm constantly blushing xD
LyfLikeABossXD LyfLikeABossXD Jul 09, 2016
Boi I thought you just left, but I ain't got no money so thank lanta