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Darkness Enthralled

Darkness Enthralled

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PurpleLlamanator By PurpleLlamanator Updated Sep 12, 2016

He had waited for hundreds of years, centuries, and longed for his mate for almost as long as he's been breathing. With the tension between the two legendary kingdoms higher than ever, Aleksandr is worried for his mate. He believes that one of the chosen is his destinded one and he will not rest until he's found her. He's searching all over the land of the Innocent and he won't return to the Dark Kingdom without his beautiful Seraphina by his side.   "What's happening?"   My face was struck with worry but all Aleksandr did was stalk towards me predatorly, a dark glint in his eyes. Growing wary of his expression, I started to move back slowly only to be grabbed by two hands on my hips. Tingles erupted where he was grasping my hips tightly, confusing me.   I've never felt this way before, not with any guy. I felt like everything was falling into place. I felt complete.   "What's happening to me?" My voice was quivering. Not in fear, but arousal. In fact, I've never felt so heated in my life. I literally wanted to pull Aleksandr into my room and have my dirty way with him. I wanted him to touch me all over my body. I wanted him to use me, dominate me. An involuntary blush warmed my face. I wasn't embarrassed though. My body was reacting to him without my permission in a much more primal way.  His nostrils flared all of a sudden and he slammed my hips into his, grinding me against him which elicited a soft moan from my lips. Not even a second later, Aleksandr captured my mouth in a fierce and passionate kiss.   "You're mine," he whispered darkly.  *FOR FULL SUMMARY READ THE PART BEFORE THE PROLOGUE*

sundae01 sundae01 May 13
There is always a stupid as prophecy. What they gon save the world now is that it.
skinnydip96 skinnydip96 May 11, 2016
She looked so beautiful back than.... Before all the plastic surgeries and weight loss. She does not look as close to that anymore. Shame.
LainieOBrien LainieOBrien Dec 25, 2016
You've captured my interest...this is me...curling up to a good book... 😁
Bam_Itz_Shianne Bam_Itz_Shianne Jan 14, 2015
okay hello yes, I saw the name Aleksandr in the bio so I added this to my library bc A+ character name and spelling. makes me think of bae aka ImmortalHD but also of my family 
icecreamstagram icecreamstagram Dec 22, 2014
for a rather odd reason I want to make a song about jovian lady gaga style
                              time to sleep
CapturedbyKC CapturedbyKC Apr 27, 2014
@purplellamanator I'm sure I will. I enjoy reading when the writer is very descriptive. I also love vampire/ werewolf supernaturalish type stories so I'm already hooked on this one.