Just Friends? No, It Must Be More

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Alison and Ryan have been friends for years. They never thought of each in a romantic way at all until Alison introduced her boyfriend Christopher. Christopher is Alison's first boyfriend. Alison is the type of girl that only enters a relationship when she knows that there could possibly be a future with that other person, where as Ryan is quite the opposite. He goes out with girl after girl without a second thought. But when he sees Alison with Christopher he starts to get... jealous?
aww so sweet but I still wish that she would've feel something
I like how you make this story interesting from the start it make's me want to continue to read the whole thing.
Aww Ryan has feelings for her! Love how it starts. Such a shocker for her friends! Lol
FInished reading prologue and I'll continue tomorrow. Great start! =)