Teach Me

Teach Me

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Michelle Logan By MarinaBelle1 Completed

How does a woman teach a man to turn her on, without losing her heart in the process?

Becca Langley is a published writer that's hit a dry spell. After finding out her boyfriend of 5 years had been married the whole time, she packs her things and moves from Washington to the Florida beaches. She's also got a dark secret that she's hidden from all her fans and the rest of the world for the last 6 years.

Enter Vance Grayson. A director from Hollywood that wants to make one of Becca's books a film. He travels to Florida to meet up with her and things don't go well for their first meeting, so he tries again the next day, ending up in her bed after getting a lesson in what most women want to feel during sex. When Vance finds out the paparazzi have pictures of guys leaving his house, he flies home to fix the issue.

Can he keep his wife quiet until he has Becca's permission to make her novel a film? Or will Becca find out that history repeated itself on her and deny him the approval he wants? What happens when her past finally threatens to take her back? Will Vance be able to protect her from it or will Becca be able to overcome her past on her own? What happens when Tony's feelings for Becca come out to Vance? Will the friends be able to handle a competition for the same woman? Who will Becca choose?