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Lupe & Megan By CheekyChaps Updated Dec 30, 2016

~This is a rewrite of Slave to the Geek~

Rori Pena has been haunted by her family legacy all her life. But, that all would change as she decides to hide her family's growing wealth, and by the skin of her teeth, have a normal life. So, she dresses down and tries to stay out of public eye. As long as she can do this, she'll be able to attend public school with her two best friends, and do what every teenage girl would do. Go to prom, hang out with friends, go to parties, and so on. Of course, everything is much easier said than done.

Alexander Bianchi has had a bad streak lately. Life been harder than normal. Of course, he still has to keep up with his high school heartthrob aesthetic. But keeping up appearances strains even the most well versed. How long can Alex keep up the leather, motorcycles, bad boy (cough fuccboi cough) vibes while also juggling three jobs and all the other stresses of high school. Especially after his estranged father's death leaves him with a debt to Pena's...

So what happens when Alex starts to work at the Pena household and comes to close to Rori for her comfort. And all the walls she built around her family life start becoming undone, brick by brick. Will all hell break loose? What will happen when those two are thrown together in the most compromising situations? Will they get over their differences and work together or is pride too big to overcome? Maybe it will be just plain awkward? 

Remember, there is a fine line between love and hate.