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Whose Mate? || One Direction Vampire

Whose Mate? || One Direction Vampire

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✝ Vanessa ✝ By vanessavenom Updated Jul 12, 2015

Zoey Annabelle Crawford doesn’t know who they really are. She thinks they’re just part of the crowd. It’s a Halloween party, can you blame her? A vampire finds one thing in a person, preferably a birthmark, and that’s how they know when it’s their mate. Their love. Whatever you want to call them. They still belong to someone. At least this is how it’s been for many, many years. Zoey has all the same birthmarks as five vampires. Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry. So who does she truly belong with?

LoudBrownGurl LoudBrownGurl Sep 30, 2016
So all the members of one direction loves girls....omg😂😂😂
sloopysloop sloopysloop Sep 30, 2016
I love how it's youngest to the oldest Harry ,Liam ,Niall ,Zayn and Louis
We all know he can control peoples minds whether he is a vampire or not
madladymnm madladymnm Jun 24, 2016
I love her... but she is the female lead in like ALL fanfiction I read...