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Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly

76.7K Reads 4.9K Votes 89 Part Story
Valeria By VBear94 Completed

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When 16 year-old Daisy takes her little sister Lori to the old antique store downtown for her birthday, she pays no attention to the old porcelain doll that Lori picks out as a birthday gift for herself. After all, it's just a plain doll, right?
 Soon, weird things begin to happen. Accidents and deaths begin to occur, Daisy begins to suffer nightmares that are all too real, and Lori begins to act strange. Daisy soon begins to fear for her and her family's safety and realizes that she needs to find a way to destroy the doll before she ends up claiming the lives of her and her family.

Highest Ranking in Horror: #4 (7/8/17)
#5 (7/7/17)
#6 (6/13/17)
#10 (6/8/17)

Lel all these hypocrites in the comments^
                              Don't tell me you never thought stuff like this. When you had to cancel things you planned because something came up. Now shut up and be glad she isn't a Mary Sue
Lel nobody here cares if someone new moves in. Not even if it's the same building leeeel!
The people in the comments bro😂 smh, who wouldn't be mad if they had to cancel their plans to do basically nothing
I don't wanna be mean, but it really should be She thought to herself or I thought to myself. D: good story so far though :D
Wimble_Bimble Wimble_Bimble 6 days ago
It's the other way around for me and my little brother, and I'm four years older than him
Hey it's your normal theater geek here and I'm here to inform everyone that Hello Dolly is a great musical. A Hehehehehe he.... ok I'm sorry I'll go back to my corner