Sagesse ☾Derek Hale {2}

Sagesse ☾Derek Hale {2}

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kate By blankissues Updated Aug 01

→Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom←

After moving to Beacon Hills, Abigail Argent has met some of the best, and worse, people of her life. She thought her life couldn't get any more difficult, but after a bite from an alpha mysteriously heals, she has no clues leading her to know what she might be. 

Besides her own name. 

With the help of her closest friends, family, and one person who might mean so much more, she has to find out the meaning of her existence.


[All rights go to the writers and producers of teen wolf. The only parts I own are my own characters and/or story lines.]

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KingHolls KingHolls Jun 18
I can imagine her literally fall backwards like a wooden plank and staying like that until someone walks in and they be like "WT?"
Perez_Familia Perez_Familia Apr 02, 2017
So I guess I'm going to be the only immature one and say..... 
                              She said duty
ardelian ardelian Feb 10, 2017
Gurl im waiting like sooo impatiently right now and literally checking for updates every five minutes.
                              Ugh..pleasee update soon im dyingggggg
joji_fuck joji_fuck Feb 11, 2017
Wtf does donor of wisdom mean? Is she like Deaton or his sister? I'm shook and confused
I thought the title was supposed to be a pun like sungondeese and I just tried to figure it out for 10min