PERFECT • Marichat

PERFECT • Marichat

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Sweet Girl By Sweet_girl_33 Updated Jun 09

Somehow Chloè's words got to Marinette. 
"You're NOTHING !"
But she didn't show it. 
"Everyone hates YOU !"
She dealed with those words on her own.
"Just DIE !"

All though everyone was on her side and defended her she still CUTED herself. Every time Chloè had yelled at her she would cut herself with a razor and cry herself to sleep. Until someone saw what she was doing. 
That someone stopped her.
That someone changed her.
That someone told her...
"You're PERFECT !"

Hi ! 
This is my first book and I'm sooooo excited. Well...thank you for chosing it. I hope you like it. Please comment. If you have ideas tell me. If there are mistakes also tell me. 
And just so you know....
I'm a simple girl with a BIG imagination that just wants to write books and share them with YOU ! 
Also...I'm not that good at english soo...yeah !


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kittyboo8 kittyboo8 Jan 01
I always cringe every time I hear cut. It's  a personal thing but thank you for drawing attention to the issue.
Does Plagg have a fever? Or is something wrong? Plagg, eat cheese, leave the good advice to someone else. Though that was nice, what Plagg said.
LOL. imagine how much blood you loose when u get ur period 😂😂
I love this story it’s hard to read the parts with cut and stuff in it coz it hits close to home but it’s really good
aoiastre aoiastre Nov 04, 2017
Hello, I'm from Turkey and I want to translate this book. Can I translate? I'm gonna tell my readers "I'm not write this book, I'm just a translater."