Raise a Little Hell {Fred Weasley}

Raise a Little Hell {Fred Weasley}

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Emmy Weatherly is now in her final year at Hogwarts. With several surprises along the way, students at Hogwarts prepare for the return of Lord Voldemort. Well, those who believe that he is back. 

When the Order finally work out the secret behind the voices Emmy can hear, they wonder whether she is an advantage or a weakness.

Along with the terror of the Dark Lord approaching, Emmy is also supposed to be meeting her muggle father, who had left her mother some time ago, and she is still trying to work out the job she will be aiming to get when she leaves.

But having fun is still one of her top priorities, as the end of her Hogwarts years draw near, Emmy and her terror twins make the most of every second. Even if it means doing as much as they can to get on Umbridge's nerves all day every day.

"Just raise a little hell, it's not hard."


Emmy Weatherly and Fred Weasley Series:

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Raise a Little Hell

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