I Can't See My Toes {•Book One •} (Complete)

I Can't See My Toes {•Book One •} (Complete)

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Ladybug made a mistake.

She slept with Chat Noir in the Bourgeois hotel and is now pregnant. How will Chat react? Will Alya be by Marinettes side or will she leave her to her own problems? Who will Marinette tell? Will he ever find out? Who knows, I do.


Tikki could tell by how her holder was acting. Some of her other Ladybug's acted like this. 

Marinette was pregnant.

"M-Marinette, maybe you should take a pregnancy test. "

Marinette didn't want to think she could possibly be pregnant, she didn't want to. If she was carrying a child, it could ruin her job chances, grades, and she could loose all her friends. 

But she had to take the test.

Started: April 2, 2017

Finished: July 7, 2017,

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Look guys you not what’s stopping me from writing being getting heckled look u can’t do that to ppls story’s this story is good I don’t like horror story but I don’t heckle ppl who made one
ItsJustKai ItsJustKai Feb 18
*facepalms* Really? You couldn't have made it more obvious 😑
okay then, lets just jump straight to the point and not like calmly go into it
Me: THIS IS WAY YOU USE CONDOMS! *flicks his head*
                              Adrein: OW
Dangit...i was hoping for a juicy flashback... (oh. What has happened to me$
Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahha hahahahahahahahaahaha