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Danger in a Red Eye (Sasuke/ Itachi love triangle) Naruto fanfic

Danger in a Red Eye (Sasuke/ Itachi love triangle) Naruto fanfic

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Miss_Fortune13 By Miss_Fortune13 Updated Jan 03, 2014

COMPLETE.  Mizu o moyasu Senshi is the strongest of her now dead clan who held a powerful Kekei Genkai which enables the user to use all of the other Kekei Genkai powers including many other jutsus that are special to the chakra of the user. People of her village labeled them the Mazoku clan meaning devil race. But the Senshi clan were loyal to their village although feared for their great power. The clan is sought out by other Villages and destroyed with only one survivor and that is Mizu o moyasu. She is entered into the academy and placed on a four man team known as team 7. She finds interest in one of her team mates but that affection is rivaled by his older brother who looks at her with loving eyes.                                              DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto. I only have rights over the character Mizu o moyasu Senshi

Readerchan16 Readerchan16 Sep 24, 2016
Wait a sec, he's a hokage?! Shouldn't he know about it beforehand? How come he dosen't know what's wrong? The clan resides in the same village. I wonder how...
Readerchan16 Readerchan16 Sep 24, 2016
I don't understand. If their clan is so powerful, how did it get massacred? With this power they would be undefeatable, then how did it get destroyed? Just, how? And who destroyed it? The person sure is a god of shinobi then.
Readerchan16 Readerchan16 Sep 24, 2016
Perfected it at the age of five?! But she ain't even got some experience! How?! She's just a kid! She shouldn't even be able to feel chakra in her body at this age! I wonder how...
TheMonochromeFlower TheMonochromeFlower Oct 29, 2015
Just a suggestion, when you write you should atart another paragraph when a diffrent character it talking.
_Kanrachii _Kanrachii Jan 05, 2014
Naruto is not the last of his clan the clan has not been massacred