Stolen By Pan

Stolen By Pan

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Jessi By Jessi_Mck Updated Nov 09

Kit has never been fond of fairy tales, she finds them silly and a waste of time. She turns her nose up at the sound of "Once upon a time" and scoffs at anyone believes in "Happily ever afters".

On Prom night, Kit is able to go with her dream date but as most prom nights, things didn't go according to plan. Kit storms off after prom and on her way home she cannot shake the feeling that someone is following her. When Kit returns home her parents are gone but she's not the only one in the house.

Kit doesn't know it yet but her unannounced guest is about to change her life.

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Mrs_Chat_Noir Mrs_Chat_Noir Jun 05, 2017
Now girl.... you will not insult my fairytales. Just so you know, my favorite fairytale is Peter Pan
nevergrowupgirl nevergrowupgirl Sep 23, 2017
I don't like her already. I believe in fairytales and I believe in Peter Pan which is why my window is always open. I always ask my friends that they don't tell me that fairytales aren't real because they are wrong, fairytales are real if you believe.
nevergrowupgirl nevergrowupgirl Sep 23, 2017
Lily is literally me! I like this girl already! I don't like kit
At first I thought this was a chapter and not a summary (since I didn’t read the title of this part) and was like wow that went fast lmao
Sofi7669 Sofi7669 Aug 03, 2016
Yeah, the movie makes him seem waaaaaaaaaay less hot than he actually is
1-800-sixtynine 1-800-sixtynine Aug 03, 2016
Baby we built this house, over the body of kit.........kat lol, heheh kit wyd