Never Forget

Never Forget

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Shannon Hewitt By WarriorWriter Updated Apr 23, 2016

Alice was left broken hearted just over 2 years ago and time hasn't done much for her grief. Time can't heal everything and in this case, it healed nothing. 

For Alice, the ill-timed horrific events came in threes. It started with Nate leaving and ended with her pack falling to ruins. And now three months later after the attack which destroyed life as she knew, the pieces have barely been picked up.

Problems arise and bring the Clan Committee strolling in her direction. Old wounds are sliced open and has to deal with what has been put in front of her.

Cover credit: @_Grimm

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Bepbadatusernamesbop Bepbadatusernamesbop Sep 07, 2016
This took my good mood and made it turn straight back to the ground, I can feel the hurt in my chest, man
Celina-Rail Celina-Rail Apr 23, 2016
I'm soo happy that this story is resuming I feel like its one of the best on Wattpad and can't wait to read what happens next when I saw the notification for this story I got soo exited
thunderingtyphoons thunderingtyphoons Apr 23, 2016
Okay.... So do I have to do the delete - then-add-again thing for this story??  That usually works right?
susanz susanz Sep 19, 2016
I haven't been able to read this for ages. How do I get your updates?
stellina79 stellina79 Apr 23, 2016
That's nice to hear,the upcoming update that is.I missed your story.Hope to hear from you soon.
MiculLup MiculLup Feb 10, 2016
I already want to punch this arsehole in the face and I don't even know his name