Snakes On An Immortal Dame

Snakes On An Immortal Dame

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Polly Connor By PollyConnor Completed

It's a tough gig, being an immortal goddess.  (Or monster.  But if you want to get in good with her, and not get turned into stone, stick with 'goddess'.)  A goddess, with snakes for hair.  

Just ask Medusa, she ought to know.  

Even tougher, when a hot young mortal wizard pulls you out of the heavenly realms of Paradise, with some dumbass spell.  And what for? So that you can help him get his nutty demon-hunter girlfriend out of Hades, after she's gotten herself killed going after demons that were bigger than she was ready for?  

The nerve of it.  Could it get worse?  Well, when Medusa falls for him, yeah, that probably makes it worse...

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