Strictly Professional

Strictly Professional

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Elise Watson By VampireBunny2154 Updated Nov 18, 2015


When Alana is fired she's not only humiliated but also quickly losing money despite her attempts to get another job. So when Zack Reid - a life long family friend, and her brothers business partner - offers her a job she can't say no. But tension becomes high between them and the fact that she's living in his spare bedroom doesn't help matters. 

Between heated conversations and countless nights spent wide awake can they survive each other or ultimately will one of them break?


"You may be my boss Mr Reid but don't for a second think that you can tell me what to do outside of work. I'm not going to listen to you just because you're having a hissy fit like some kind of caveman."

"Caveman?" Zack laughed loudly. "You don't actually think I'm jealous do you?" Again he started towards her until she was retreating towards the wall. When there was no where else for her to go Alana froze and stared up into his dark eyes. Leaning in close he whispered, "You know how I felt Alana and you drew the line between us, not me, you. We agreed to forget and I did, so don't think for a second that I see you as anything more than an employee."

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- - Nov 27, 2015
Ignore that...I was trying to be ghetto and cool...*retreats into emo corner*
fflowers fflowers Jul 20, 2015
this was a really good prologue, I'm already hooked and can't wait to read more about alana!!
- - Jun 17, 2015
So far the story is amazing xD I like the way you word your sentences and the vocabulary you use :)
HelenGraul HelenGraul Apr 29, 2015
I am totally hooked on this and have added it to my library. I will continue reading this shortly1 Great job!!!! :) :D
isabelleronin isabelleronin Jan 27, 2015
I love the start! Good job :) I'm hooked already and will be adding this to my library.
Simplex_icated54 Simplex_icated54 Apr 19, 2014
this story is awesome, a definite page turner, update please :)
                              and u should enter it for watty awards too