Forever and Always? ( SEQUEL)

Forever and Always? ( SEQUEL)

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Updated Jan 13, 2017

Isis, Handsome, Hassan, Carmen, Ivan, Da'chelle...and everybody are back.

Forever and Always...Thug Life Part 2!

They've grown up and now has to face some of the most difficult times in their relationship. Will Isis and Handsome be able to make it? Will forever and always stand? Or will they reationship fall.

A whole is better then two halfs.

Hasssan is back....with his baby mama. And the rest of his hoes! Twin ain't grown up now..will he be able to make it in college with everyone else..or be kicked out before his journey even starts.

With college comes new people, new challenges, and alot of growing. Will the couples be able to stand everything thrown at them? Will everybody be able to make it through college? How is going to go.

New faces, new drama, deaths, break ups, make ups, babies, marriages, and so much more...In

" Always and Forever? " The Thug Life SEQUEL!!

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itsjustt_kay itsjustt_kay Mar 24, 2017
Being a twin is never fun😐 Especially if y'all ain't the same gender😂 Then it's jus "you ain my daddy nigga" or "if I wanna text yo friends I will tf"😂💀
dre_taken dre_taken May 29, 2017
SJ_Boogie SJ_Boogie Oct 09, 2017
See, with the way I sleep that plate would be all the way across the room
MekylahDoss MekylahDoss Jan 21, 2017
"Pop a tum I'm stressing whoa" bruh I just died 😂😂😂😂
alena137 alena137 Mar 14, 2016
He's hitting on them? A dude called me freshmeat one time?!?! 😱
MayaLivinChillin MayaLivinChillin Feb 21, 2016
Taylor and her friends gonna get that ass whoop 😂😂😂😕😐😕😐😕😑