The Bad Boy of Mine

The Bad Boy of Mine

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He says, "Screw that. I'll take a nap."

She says, "Oh no, where did I go wrong?"


Zoey Summers, Chris Martinez. 

With their names together, side by side, they form a nice ring, huh? 

Meet Zoey. She's studious. She's kind. She's a good girl.

Meet Chris. He's not studious. He's not kind. He's a bad boy. 

When Zoey moved to a new place with her Mother, she never expected all these to happen. Just her and her Mother, that's all. But there came Chris, waltzing his way into her life. She didn't want boyfriends. She didn't want relationships. She wants to study. 

Zoey knew she didn't have a pleasant childhood. Well, neither did Chris. 

What happens when you put these two broken angels together?


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Whoa, didn't see that combing. Lemme compose myself quietly in the corner
jamyarod13 jamyarod13 Oct 01
Omg same an with the eyes to i really love looking into guys eyes too theirs just something anout them lmao weird as it sounds it shows alot tho an singing is my life
D-4-N-I D-4-N-I Jul 08
Not to be a bitch or anything but never...EVER... begin a chapter with "he". That sets a bad description to who the "he" is and it would be better if you started out with like "I walked over to the table John was sitting at and set my stuff on the checkered floor," something like that.
Omg it's me lol. Except I have hazel eyes and I don't wear glasses. I also hate chemistry... okay it's probably not me.
21Quacker 21Quacker Sep 03
Genesis means the beginning... i think... i'm pretty sure... i go to a catholic school so i should no this... wait... yep it's right
“I’m not exactly pretty” as she describes herself as basically society’s standards for being pretty