The Bad Boy of Mine

The Bad Boy of Mine

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He says, "Screw that. I'll take a nap."

She says, "Oh no, where did I go wrong?"


Zoey Summers, Chris Martinez. 

With their names together, side by side, they form a nice ring, huh? 

Meet Zoey. She's studious. She's kind. She's a good girl.

Meet Chris. He's not studious. He's not kind. He's a bad boy. 

When Zoey moved to a new place with her Mother, she never expected all these to happen. Just her and her Mother, that's all. But there came Chris, waltzing his way into her life. She didn't want boyfriends. She didn't want relationships. She wants to study. 

Zoey knew she didn't have a pleasant childhood. Well, neither did Chris. 

What happens when you put these two broken angels together?


I don't know but when I read the title this song just popped into my head:
                              This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine...
But at the back of the room where nobody looks, she'll be with her boyfriend. She's not reading books
I'm just like Zoey cause I don't want to date either just to finish school. But anyway love it already <3
najpaj2000 najpaj2000 Jul 17
I lost a friend
                              Somewhere along in the wilderness
                              And i would have stayed up
                              With you all night
                              Had i known
                              How to save a life
                              ~The Fray
najpaj2000 najpaj2000 5 days ago
Imagine my surprise when i come to this line to recite a few lines by the fray only to realize that ive been hear already......four months ago......creepy. is this book good? Why didnt i add it to my library? Idk. Lets find out
I like Zoey...Idk why... All I know is that her name is Amazing!