I❜m an Elemental [e d i t i n g] [r o u g h  d r a f t]

I❜m an Elemental [e d i t i n g] [r o u g h d r a f t]

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Ever wished you could live in a fantasy world and be anything but normal? Sapphire Zanders is a hundred percent sure she would do anything to be normal. She was just a child when she lost her parents, and now the leaders of the elemental world are after her. She's more than the normal elemental, it's normal for one to have an element, it's not normal for one to have two elements. So now, we need to know what she'll do when she meets her other half.

Warning: This has still not have been edited. Under heavy construction. 
I'm sorry for the inconvenience dear readers. B O O K 1 in the "ELEMENTAL" series. Also in need of MAJOR editing.

KLeviBear KLeviBear Jul 17, 2016
'Good Day'?!? WTF?!? Who says that after murdering someone's parents?
Mattblake0 Mattblake0 Nov 25, 2016
Oh, okay it was due to a law, psh yeah go ahead and MURDER MY PARENTS.
                              And yeah, good day to you too.
EvilDisney EvilDisney Feb 06, 2016
Yeah, I'll be sure to have a good day once I get over the fact that you guys MURDERED HER PARENTS
crazycraal crazycraal Oct 09, 2015
Good day?! Seriously?! That like saying oh I just killed your family because we thought they weren't compatible together. Have a good rest of the day!
RedFlower0803 RedFlower0803 Jun 30, 2015
ha! how stupid! they just killed two people and they expect whoever has a concern to have a good day?!
dancer3dc dancer3dc Dec 30, 2014
I'm guessing u liked the selection books because your profile picture hehe I read the entire series in a day. They amazing I'm a huge fan too