Living With My Crush ✔

Living With My Crush ✔

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Rachael is an eighteen year old girl. In fact, she's an adult. But her brother, Michael, still thinks of her as a toddler, meaning, he still thinks that his sister is a kid and is not capable of taking care of herself if she's left all alone on her own.

One day, Michael has to go out of town for some "work" and he cannot leave his "baby sister" alone at home all by herself. So he decides to leave her with his best friend, Ashton.

But the thing that is unknown to Michael is that Rachael has a childhood crush on his best friend.

What will happen when Rachael comes to know that she'll be living with her crush for a few days? And how will Rachael manage to live with Ashton under the same roof?

There is more than what meets the eye.

[P.S. There's a reason why I've written the last sentence. :P
This is not a typical love story, just so you know. :D]

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I can just imaging myself in this situation lol a blubbering mess
Im pretty sure hes a gang leader or drug dealer use ur god damn brain
He like dropped off the face of the earth after this bop. DAAAAAMN, THIS SONG WAS MADE ALMOST 10 YEARS AGO (twas made in 2008 and I'm writing this comment in 2017). I'M SCREAMING.
Literally my dream guy is Black hair like Zayn's and green eyes like Harry's. I was shocked when I read this. Because that is exactly the type of guy I'm looking for.
Xitlalli18 Xitlalli18 Jan 01
It's such a great song. I can totally feel Rachel. I am going to add it to my Spotify playlist.
fedorasecrets fedorasecrets Oct 03, 2016
Wouldn't that make her 18... If she's 18 she has full right to be at her house alone😂😂😂