The nerd can fight

The nerd can fight

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lilly065 By lilly_065 Updated May 17, 2018

"Watch it nerd!" a jock says before pushing my books to the ground. I bend down to pick up my books but then someone kicks my back and pushes me to the ground.

The laughing makes me angry, but I know I need to control my anger or people will find out who I am, and I cant let that happen.

The bell rings and people start heading to their classes while I'm on the ground picking up my books, gosh I'm so angry I calm down my anger and walk to science as I'm going around the corner I bump into someone.

"FREAKING HELL I GET IT YOU HATE ME JUST STOP PUSHING ME AROUND!" I say angrily and realised this must've been one of the new guys.

"Jeez calm down!" He says 
"Sorry I thought you were them" I say
"Them?" He questions kinda tilting his head
I have to admit this guy is really hot
"Doesn't matter" I say
"I'm Dylan" he says and extended his hand for me to shake
"Loser Lilly" I say and shake his hand
"Loser Lilly?" He asks
"Everyone calls me that" I say sadly and walk away

I keep walking the...