This case may be Sherlock Holmes' last. 
    Moriarty's here, and tortured an innocent girl who may be Sherlock and John's last hope to slove this case. And with Moriarty trying to find her, Holmes and Watson must find out who she truly is and put a stop to all this. Full of trust, love, betrayal, loss, freindship, defiance, and mystery. But the question is.... what do you really see around you?
I just realised that  Clair Xavier sounds a lot like Charles Xavier. Any relations?
i really love it so far but i'm reading the paragraphs and hoping youd creat a new paragraph for dialogue. it just bothers me but like i said rel good so far :)
God this is good! The only thing I would say is to try and space it out. AKA, when someone else talks, put it on a different line. Its really good! I can already see you've carried on, so off to the next chapter I go! =)