The Bad Boy Is My Neighbor?

The Bad Boy Is My Neighbor?

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Courtney Summers is a Good Girl. She never gets in trouble, gets excellent grades and is loved by everyone and does not like too much attention.

 Enter Reece Collin. Wild, badass, attention seeker and has an ego that honestly couldn't get any bigger. He is the leader of 'the three' and is also known as Mr popular. He gets into fights, breaks every rule and couldn't care less about the consequences that come with it.

Everything was fine until the good girl and the wild boy ran into each other and to make the situation worse, guess who turns out to be Summer's new neighbour. Yup, you are right, the one and only, the wild, badass, arrogant Reece himself.

What will happen when these two completely opposite people start talking to each other? Friendship........ Discovering their new self........... Or might be even love?

Awesome cover made by @CrazyLovers78 xD thanks a ton!!!!

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Victoria justice is the main character. I was gonna read it anyway 😂😂
This part of the description reminded me a lot of The Bad Boy, Cupid, and Me's description.
Victoria justice is the main character. I was gonna read it anyway 😂😂
XXDeath_NoteXX XXDeath_NoteXX Jul 11, 2015
We all know they both gonna fall in love THE ENDthis is how every book is someone needs to switch it up it always a good girl & good grades with a bad boy & ;bad grades
Heart_Throb_Jack Heart_Throb_Jack May 17, 2015
Ohk..... I actually FORGOT I read this! Stupid meh! But I'm rereading it, gurl, just for you....... It's gonna be the first ever book I might completely read, so yeah! Applauds to meh for reading, and you for writing! ;)
hottiehazzza hottiehazzza Mar 18, 2015
Reece is actually my last name and R-e-e-c-e is actually how you spell it too.