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Violet By missviolet613 Updated Jan 02, 2017

A dying Earth plagued with fires, natural disasters, and a deadly virus. A luxury spaceship, planned to send only the wealthiest families on a one-hundred-year hypersleep journey to a safe haven out on the far stretches of the universe. And a girl who is determined to get her and her family on board.

After receiving the last four tickets aboard the STARLINE, seventeen-year-old Lina McAddams thinks that finally, everything is going to be okay. Her and her family are going to leave a decimated Earth behind and restart their lives, embarking on the STARLINE's one-hundred year long journey to "paradise." It seems that nothing can wrong.

Until Lina wakes up from hypersleep fifty years too early.

And she is the only one.

Frightened and alone, Lina slowly begins to unravel the true intentions and destination of the STARLINE company, realizing that maybe, just maybe, the spaceship is not going to the "paradise" it advertised that it would be going to.

Fighting fear, solitude, and the sudden outbreak of the deadly virus aboard the ship, Lina doesn't think she can survive. 

Until she realizes that she wasn't the only one who woke up.

Filled with action, romance, suspense, and adventure, "ASCENSION" tells the chair-gripping story of Lina McAddam's harrowing journey through the cosmos.

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Marvel_DC_Nation Marvel_DC_Nation Nov 13, 2017
So it’s basically like a mix of the passengers and the fifth wave I’m down
I know how it feels awful to be lied to but at least she told you now
I saw Natalia dyer and my brain went straight to stranger things
countryodel countryodel Feb 03, 2017
loubar loubar Jan 12, 2017
Too many Jennifer Lawrence references. First passengers. Now hunger games? 😂
jahdhwhsgwhgz jahdhwhsgwhgz Jan 16, 2017
I still love the book tho.. Quite the page turner, the book is ;)