A Love Letter for an Otaku

A Love Letter for an Otaku

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Sejuru By Sejuru Updated Jul 18, 2016


How should an Otaku respond if she received a letter from a normal guy? However, this isn't a normal love letter. It is an extraordinary one.

"A Love Letter for An Otaku," is a series of cute letters encompassing love, hate, and change in form of a poem. 

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'The feels are real.'
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Lol, the confusion between Tsukishima from haikyuu and Takishima from special A....😅
If someone did this I would say, " I don't know A lot of the anime or manga that your referencing, but to know that you would go through the process of writing this, makes me want to Say I Love You.😊"
MinionKat123 MinionKat123 Apr 10, 2016
Talk about that "normal-people" junk I've heard about once or twice... Anyone know what that's all about?
-Unilicious- -Unilicious- Nov 17, 2015
She will reply in the most weird and bleh! Way...normal..[gasps]
ILoveMyPeterPan ILoveMyPeterPan Aug 14, 2014
wahh! saya naman kung makatanggap nung letter! HABA NG HAIR MO GIRL! 
                              kung makatanggap man ako ng ganun letter, sorry taken na ako! kay anime boyfie pa rin ako! haha
PhantomOtakuGirl PhantomOtakuGirl Aug 09, 2014
Yaaaah! Shems! Kaka-inggit si Girl!!! Otaku din naman ako eh! Di ba halata sa username? xD!