The Music Sheet

The Music Sheet

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Matea By xxGlitterFacexx Completed

Rosy Green. 18. Photographer.  Has a perfect life, a perfect boyfriend named Conner, and is loved..... HA! Just kidding let me start over.

     Rosy Green 18, struggling photographer, has a mooching best friend that lived with her and parties none stop so who needs sleep right? And a over protective boyfriend named Conner.

Rosy's dream isn't to become a photographer, no shes good at it but she really wants to be a singer. She writes all her songs and can play multipule instruments and puts all her sings into a puke green bag that she carries everywhere.

Ashton Brooks, 19, super model. Ashton is gorgeous and, unfortunately he knows it. He gets all the girls, money, and especially his way.

What happenes when one of Rosy's songs are found by Ashton? Will they irritate each other? Yes. Will they challenge each other? Yes. Will one fall for the other?....

But remember one thing..... Ashton. Always. Gets. His. Way.

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Glee fan i'm guessing, and maybe Supernatural and Hemsworth? Oh, and pretty little liars.
LunarWiseGirl LunarWiseGirl Dec 02, 2017
Realizing. I think you mean realizing . . . . . unless you don't then . . . . . .
                              Pretend I was never here . . .
LunarWiseGirl LunarWiseGirl Dec 02, 2017
No e in shaking 
                              Are you okay with me being a grammar natzi on your book or should I just stop. . . . sorry?
Diamondbookz Diamondbookz Jun 23, 2016
I have no idea how that was supposed to be funny no offense of course
21albsam 21albsam Jun 14, 2016
I have a brother named Ashton that gets all the ladies... I think. He is cool tho.
alone-in-my-thoughts alone-in-my-thoughts Mar 24, 2016
Bats will break in one hit with enough force, why would a broken bat be good.
                              No mater how hard you hit a notebook, it will only lose a few pages