Adopted by who!?! BVB FANFIC

Adopted by who!?! BVB FANFIC

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amandapurdy By amandapurdy Updated May 29, 2014

"Hi. I'm Jade. I'm 12 years old. I'm an only child, but I don't have a family. You see, I'm in an adoptive center because my parents are...dead. My mom was killed by my dad and when he got arrested, he was sentenced to death. 

You should probably know what I look like. I have long black hair with blond at the tips. I have dark blue eyes.

I love music and I can play drums. My favorite bands are Pierce the Veil, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping with Sirens, Motionless in White, Get Scared, BOTDF, Paramore, and Black Veil Brides. My favorite colors are black, blue, red, and purple. 

Um, I guess you should know, I um....cut and I'm bulimic..." That was my video of my adoption tape. I finally might be getting out of this stupid place. To many girly people. 

Besides that, this orphanage isn't like the other ones. Everyone who works here is really nice. I do get bullied, but I'm used to it. My best friend is Guilina, she's just like me.. She got adopted already so now I'm alone. 

"Jade! Come ...

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stephanielas stephanielas May 03, 2016
I was listening to this song when I read that! I love that song!!!!!
Awsomeness42 Awsomeness42 Dec 12, 2015
If I were her I would be screaming "OMFG! You have to be kidding me this has to be a dream!" Then I would pinch myself "Ouch, OMG it not a dream!!"
Noir_grimdark Noir_grimdark May 31, 2015
it's not like that chic courtny is any better 
                              imean shes in a f***ing orphanage 2 
FaithiebooSweets FaithiebooSweets Apr 22, 2015
I'm like obsessed with 1D but I also Love Love Love BVB, AA,BMTH, FIR, TOTH, and FOB
HollySykes1 HollySykes1 Feb 26, 2015
that's my name :D I feel amazing hahaha buuut 1D are just… ughhhhhhh
RedneckMetalheadKpop RedneckMetalheadKpop Dec 17, 2014
people always judge that i like BVB, and they say that they are all gay for eachother! THEY ARE NOT!!! there may be a few Andley shippers out there, but just because they give them so much fuel!