Mine Forever (Ziam Vampire)

Mine Forever (Ziam Vampire)

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Liam Payne is a happy lad. He has a home, a loving family, and a best mate. He just started Uni and is excited to start a new life life along with his best mate, Niall Horan.                                                    

Everything changes when he meets another lad named Zayn Malik. He is brought into a new world and his life just becomes more dangerous once Liam realizes who Zayn and his best mates, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are.                                                     

And who knows? Maybe Liam holds a little something special iside himself...                                                                                  

(Fair warning this is BoyxBoy that includes Ziam and some Nouis. If you don't like that kind of stuff don't read it. I'm not planning on writing smut because I can't even write it without being grossed out too much. But you'll see lots of fluff and action. Enjoy!)

are you the one who made be my vampire ?! becasue I need it I did my finish it and I need to finish it it's so good plz plz help me cakelove_
Wowwwww!! I just read this story first time. I love Ziam <3 and this story is so fun and strange. Love it!!!
derppou17 derppou17 Nov 07
I'm mostly for bottom!zayn, DON'T KILL ME! But I'd like to see where this leads.
CasTheFriendlyAngel CasTheFriendlyAngel Oct 29, 2015
I've always found boys more attractive than girls but does that make me gay? IDEK!
larrysxcupcakexziam larrysxcupcakexziam Oct 20, 2015
sound plain stuupid but you knew whatever walk straight to your death
smokinganddrinking smokinganddrinking Sep 02, 2015
Bitch you a vampire. A door shouldn't stop you from hearing something