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Why Me?

Why Me?

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Rianna Di Prete By RiannaDiPrete Updated Jan 22, 2011

When 15 year old Viktoria finally pulls her last stunt she can't help but wonder if it was worth it. She got choices she chose now she has to live with those decisions but she can't help but think where she would be if she didnt get kicked out of 11 schools. Her main worry is boys and when she pulls her innoccent 13 year old brother into it maybe she's gone too far. Will her parents ever forgive her? At least she has her birth parents to go to in case anything goes to wild! She's not sure if she knows how to 'behave' she's gotten in trouble her whole life. She's not sure she can change. Until Blake comes into the picture making her forget Danny her first and only boyfreind and even Carter the boy she cheated on Danny with at her last school. Maybe there is some good in a bad girl.

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