The Hybrid

The Hybrid

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Haley. By AllTimeLow_writing Completed

Veronica liner. That's her name. However she goes by Roni. She's on the run, has been since she was 7. Her parents were killed, murdered, mauled to death. Her parents love was illegal, so is Roni. Since she is the daughter of them and a hybrid. But follow Roni on her journey of love, realization, struggle and much more

  In......... The Hybrid

  (I know this might not be an amazing description but the story is good I promise!)
(NOTE: I wrote this about a year and a half ago and my writing has progressed significantly. There are some cringe worthy parts in here.)

Itzkarls Itzkarls Apr 16
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                              Thanks bye, have a good day. Nice story by the way
Why do you have blue hair its just i have naver read a book were a werewolf/ vampire had blue hair
chkcbh chkcbh Jun 12
Byun Baekhyun's a vampire. i mean just look at those fangs ><
sagethecatt sagethecatt Jul 14
I think about being a werewolf. Wouldn't it be cool to become a wolf?
Even though this was just an explanation chap, I love it and your writing style.