The Boy In the Basement (Completed)

The Boy In the Basement (Completed)

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um we haven't been properly introduced, so.... By alyse5363 Completed

Bailey Davis has been dragged into babysitting three little troublemakers every Friday for the rest of the year by none other than her mother. But what she soon discovers is not only will she be spending lots of down time with the kids, but another royal pain that happens to live right down the stairs... Who is that, you ask?

 Jaxon Bennett: a charming, arrogant, and ridiculously hot bad boy. What will happen during this extreme trial of Baileys patience?

Prepare to be surprised.

Bruh my mom is so chill it's great. Everyone on here's like my mom would my ass if I spoke I'm sittin here like can't relate.
Tadjhiet Tadjhiet Feb 15
OMG AT LEAST YOU DONT LIKE CONSTANTLY BUMP INTO WALLS EVERY SINGLE DAY, it's awful, but really I can't walk like a normal person
jaymonkey jaymonkey Jan 17
I love hugs. But I have this thing that if you are not family I have to hug you first or I will cringe. Almost like a phobia
Caleiswagg Caleiswagg Feb 14
I swear I thought I was the only person who says Bejeezus😂😂
Poor you, as a person who has 3 older brother, i feel your pain
Can everybody just take a second and realize this is Wattpad of course this is gonna be dramatic af😂👋
                                     Chilllll 😂😂